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Home Automation develop

Date:2019/04/15  Click:4530 times
Home automation refers to the use of microelectronics technology to integrate or control the home of electrical and electronic products or systems, such as: lighting, coffee stove, computer equipment, security systems, heating and cooling systems, video and sound systems. Home automation system is mainly a central microprocessor (Central Processor Unit, CPU) from the relevant electrical and electronic products (external environmental factors such as changes in the sun or the West caused by changes in light, etc.) after the message, And then to the appropriate procedures to send the appropriate information to other electronic products. Central microprocessors must be through a number of interfaces to control the electrical products at home, these interfaces can be a keyboard, it can be a touch screen, buttons, computers, telephones, remote control, etc .; consumers can send signals to the central micro-processing Machine, or receive signals from the central microprocessor.
Home automation is an important system of smart home, when the smart home just appeared, home automation is even equivalent to smart home, today it is still one of the core of smart home, but with the network technology has a universal application of intelligent home network Home appliances / information appliances mature, home automation, many product features will be integrated into these new products, so that simple home automation products in the system design less and less, its core position will also be home network / home information system instead. It will play a role in the smart home as part of the control network in the home network.