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new wireless video door phone TS-WP708 conference

Date:2019/04/09  Click:2035 times
April 21, 2014 , the new listing conference organized by the Saful perfect ending in Shenzhen , including the media , dealers , and many hundred guests visited the conference site , witnessed the Saful historic industry in wireless doorbell the new listing moment.
The conference showcased the new products Saful TS-WP708 wireless doorbell with glass panels. Saful wireless doorbell world's first indoor unit panel manufactured from high- strength tempered glass , scratch , always use a few years as new , stylish and luxurious. Radio signals over long distances of 300 meters , breaking the wireless distance limit of not more than 100 meters . Night vision clearer, ordinary wireless doorbell 1 meter night vision has been blurred , Saful 's new doorbell night vision up to 5 meters. New power-saving mode when not in use , the standby power. And the outdoor unit when using the battery is automatically call the indoor unit , the battery can be used for 15 days. New outdoor unit tamper alarm function , more peace of mind. Intercom volume can be adjusted , more user-friendly design . Saful TS-WP708 wireless doorbell is a stylish modern blockbuster launch this product , ultra- long-range signal more in line with the requirements of the modern family , tempered glass panel is more noble .